Dana White on Khabib, group: 'These folks are stuck in an unfortunate situation

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Dana White on Khabib, group: 'These folks are stuck in an unfortunate situation

Dana White on Khabib, group: 'These folks are stuck in an unfortunate situation 

Dana White on Khabib, group: 'These folks are stuck in an unfortunate situation :

UFC president Dana White said that Khabib Nurmagomedov's lightweight title could be stripped relying upon whether he is suspended and for to what extent after the contender hopped out of the Octagon and followed Conor McGregor's jiu-jitsu mentor Saturday night. 

Before their UFC 229 battle, McGregor and Nurmagomedov said their quarrel would proceed with regardless of what occurred in the Octagon. Nobody figured it would proceed actually seconds after the battle. 

That is the point at which a fight inside and outside the Octagon including the two camps constrained the two contenders and different colleagues to be escorted out of the Octagon by security and cops. 

White said three colleagues in the episode were captured and discharged late Saturday night. White said McGregor revealed to him that he would not squeeze charges. 

Khabib submits Conor; postfight fight results 

Khabib Nurmagomedov gagged out Conor McGregor in the fourth round Saturday night at UFC 229, yet the win was before long damaged by a terrible fight at Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena. 

White additionally said the Nevada State Athletic Commission is withholding Nurmagomedov's check pending an examination yet that McGregor was paid after the commission evaluated tape, talked with McGregor and finished up there was no motivation to withhold his check. 

The state commission additionally could fine and suspend Nurmagomedov, the level of which could result in his belt being stripped. 

The battle finished in the fourth round when Nurmagomedov made McGregor tap to a back stripped gag. Nurmagomedov, be that as it may, wasn't done. After McGregor tapped, arbitrator Herb Dean needed to limit Nurmagomedov and push him far from McGregor. 

Nurmagomedov at that point pointed at individuals from McGregor's corner, tossed his mouthpiece toward them and began shouting at them. While he was being controlled by security, Nurmagomedov hopped out of the Octagon and followed Dillon Danis, a Bellator welterweight who likewise is McGregor's jiu-jitsu mentor. Franticness resulted, with individuals from the two camps pursuing one another and being limited by security and police. 

Amid the uproar, two men accepted to be a piece of Nurmagomedov's group - one out of a dark shirt and one out of a red shirt - hopped into the Octagon. The man operating at a profit shirt swung at McGregor from the front, while the man in the red shirt punched McGregor in the back of the head twice before security limited him. 

UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov hopped out of the Octagon and pursued an individual from Conor McGregor's group not long after the UFC 229 headliner finished. Joe Amon for ESPN 

"It's awful," White said of the skirmish. "There's going to be an examination by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and ... there's going to be enormous cash fines, and these folks are stuck in an unfortunate situation. 

"Once more, we have to perceive how this plays out. No one has ever done that; no one ought to ever do that." 

Nurmagomedov appeared at the postfight news gathering around midnight in Las Vegas. While he didn't take any inquiries, he made a protracted explanation before taking off. 

"As a matter of first importance, I need to state sorry to learn athletic commission, Nevada and sorry to learn," Nurmagomedov said. "This isn't my best side. I'm an individual, yet I don't see how individuals can discuss bouncing on the enclosure when he discusses my religion, he discusses my region, he discusses my dad and he comes to Brooklyn and he broke the transport and nearly murdered a few people. Shouldn't something be said about this? For what reason are individuals discussing my hopping over the confine. I don't get it. ... You can't discuss religion, you can't discuss countries, you can't discuss this stuff. This is for me essential." 

After the bedlam had died down, White said he disclosed to Nurmagomedov he wouldn't put the lightweight, 155-pound title belt around Nurmagomedov's abdomen in the Octagon out of dread that individuals would toss drinks and different articles at him, possibly harming other individuals all the while. 

Viciousness was for the most part contained, White stated, however video of a sizable fight in the field concourse following the battle surfaced on the web. The 17-second clasp demonstrates a few battles going on all the while, however it was vague who was included or on the off chance that anybody was captured or confined. 

When ring commentator Bruce Buffer reported the aftereffect of the headliner, neither one of the fighters was in the Octagon on the grounds that both as of now had been escorted out. 

The contention among McGregor and Nurmagomedov has been blending for quite a long time, and it bubbled over in April when McGregor assaulted a transport Nurmagomedov was riding in at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, before UFC 223. 

At Thursday's news gathering, Nurmagomedov and McGregor said they would not shake hands after the battle and that their battle was something beyond a fight for the UFC lightweight title. 

"Truly, for me, this is more than shielding my title," Nurmagomedov said at that point. "For me, it's more than battle for the title, more than headliner. For me, it's close to home. Truly, for me, it's close to home. Obviously, this is greatest battle in UFC history and we will break record numbers ... be that as it may, for me, it's close to home." 

McGregor concurred that the competition between the two would stretch out past Saturday, which was positively the case in the prompt outcome. 

"There is way more profound s - than only a battle on Saturday night," McGregor said Thursday. "I will settle this the honorable path for myself and after that see what occurs after that ... F - peace. There will never be peace here. I generally say you should go for peace, however in the event that you can't go for peace, point between the eyes. I'm going to point directly between that man's eyes, and this is never finished. Never at any point, ever finished." 

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Jon Jones: 'As of now have every one of the marbles with regards to Daniel Cormier' 


Jon Jones' first battle after his suspension will happen in "mid 2019" against a prominent contender, says Dana White. (0:50) 

As expectation works for his arrival to the Octagon, previous UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has drawn the brakes on a potential set of three session with archnemesis Daniel Cormier. 

Jones, in a meeting with ESPN's Ariel Helwani, said he couldn't care less to set up a third battle with Cormier, the present lightweight and heavyweight champion whom Jones as of now has beaten twice: by consistent choice at UFC 182 of every 2015 and by knockout at UFC 214 out of 2017, however the last triumph was later led a no-challenge due to a fizzled sedate test. 

Jon Jones opens up about Daniel Cormier, USADA, come back to UFC 

Previous UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones talked solely with ESPN about his continuous quarrel with adversary Daniel Cormier, USADA's choice to enable him to contend again in October and when fans may see him once more. 

Cormier prone to lose belt, mourns Jones' possibility 

With a heavyweight title protection against Brock Lesnar approaching, Daniel Cormier said he hopes to be stripped of his light heavyweight belt. Sadly for Cormier, enemy Jon Jones may get the primary shot at the title. 

Jones, Cormier trade blows via web-based networking media 

The war of words between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier has warmed up, with Jones debilitating to "cover" Cormier, who has considered Jones a "miscreant and a nark." 

"I as of now have every one of the marbles with regards to Daniel Cormier," Jones told Helwani. "I've beaten him twice. This diversion has never been close to home. What is close to home to me is pursuing enormity, not people. So on account of myself and Daniel Cormier, he needs to battle myself once again in the event that he ever needs to be viewed as one of the unsurpassed greats. I don't have to battle him again to be viewed as one of the record-breaking greats. I have numerous more years to demonstrate it." 

A week ago, Jones was allowed a 15-month suspension by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, retroactive to July 28, 2017, for testing positive for metabolites of an anabolic steroid. He is qualified to come back to rivalry by Oct. 28. 

Jones and Cormier traded warmed words via web-based networking media in the days following USADA's declaration of the suspension. Jones debilitated to "cover" Cormier in a third gathering; Cormier considered Jones a "miscreant and a nark." Cormier additionally has been incredulous of USADA for distributing what he regarded a "joke of a discipline" to Jones. 

Jones revealed to Helwani that he doesn't believe Cormier's feedback is justified. 

"I think this is simply one more path for him to point the finger at something for him getting thumped out in our last battle," Jones said. "Toward the day's end, the manner in which it was depicted to me, the measure of steroids that were found in my body was what might as well be called tossing a spot of salt in an Olympic-estimate swimming pool. There was so little of it in my body, there's no logical way that could be available this could have influenced my execution. There's no explanation behind him to be frantic at USADA. USADA didn't get him thumped out." 

For Jones' arrival session, UFC president Dana White disclosed to ESPN a week ago that the advancement is wanting to set up a battle with Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 on Dec. 29 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. 

Cormier, in the mean time, is relied upon to make the primary guard of his heavyweight title against Brock Lesnar. He told Helwani on Monday that he trusted the Lesnar battle would occur in January. 

Cormier additionally revealed to Helwani that he would have liked to finish off his vocation with a third battle with Jones, demanding he can't leave the game without battling Jones once again. 

"I can't kill this," he told Helwani on Monday. "It's what makes

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