Very fast Greek salad

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Very fast Greek salad

Very fast Greek salad

Very fast Greek salad
Very fast Greek salad

Very fast Greek salad :

Number of people


1 green pepper (or more depending on taste)

1 red pepper

3 medium tomatoes

1 cucumber

Black olives

Lemon Lemon

Olive oil

Basil (fresh or dehydrated)

1 pinch of pepper and salt

Feta cheese

Preparation: 15 min
Step 1
- Start by peeling the peppers (be careful with the red pepper: very stained on hands and clothes!), then remove the seeds and cut them into strips lengthwise.
Step 2
- Wash the tomatoes and cut them in the same way as the peppers.
Step 3
- Peel the cucumber and dice it into small cubes.
Step 4
- Put the vegetables in a bowl, add the olives, preferably black, oil, basil, salt and pepper.
Step 5
- Set aside in a cool place to give pepper crunch.
Step 6
Enjoy your meal!
Step 7
PS: the longest is to peel the peppers so if you don't have too much time, get help!
Author's note
I made this dish for almost 50 people for my mother's wedding and everyone loved it because of the hot weather! Tip: Prepare separately (for those who don't like cheese like my family^^^) from the eta that you will put in olive oil 1 or 2 hours before with, again, basil! Enjoy your meal!

I add my grain of salt

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