Colored verrines

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Colored verrines

Colored verrines

Colored verrines
Colored verrines

Number of people

For the verrines:

1 bag of garlic croutons

3 tomatoes

1 cucumber

For the sauce:

Thick whole fresh cream (20 cl)

Mustard (1 spoon)

Vinegar (2 spoons)

Salt (1 pinch)

Pepper (1 pinch)

shallot (1/2, cut into small pieces)

Herbs (optional)

Preparation: 15 min
Step 1
Take the croutons, and crush them. It takes between 4 and 6 per glass (after that, it depends on the size of yours!).
Step 2
It's the first layer: right underneath. So set up your crushed croutons. The croutons must be 1/2 cm thick.
Step 3
Then we'll take care of the tomatoes. They must be cut into very small dice. And also remove the grains, to avoid the juice in the glass.
Step 4
Once this is done, put the small dice over the croutons in each glass. That's 1.5 cm.
Step 5
There, do not forget the basil.... Put a little in each glass, above the tomatoes.
Step 6
Then, take care of the cucumber. She can't have any seeds and skin left. It must therefore be peeled and seeded.
Step 7
Once it is done, it must be cut into small cubes (salt at your convenience), and do as for tomatoes: a layer in the glass, but this time only 1 cm!
Step 8
Last step: the sauce!
Step 9
Mix the cream with the mustard. Add salt and pepper.
Step 10
Then, 1 spoon of vinegar, stir, 1 more and stir.
Step 11
Then add the shallot and herbs. Once stirred, the sauce is ready!
Step 12
Spread the sauce over the cucumbers. And that's it!
Step 13
Enjoy your meal!
Author's note
Can be used as an appetizer... it's delicious and fresh!

I add my grain of salt

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