Pizza balls

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Pizza balls

Pizza balls

Number of people

For pizza dough

500 g flour

2 sachets of baker's yeast

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon of salt

1 black dye (optional) or dry ink

30 cl water
For the filling

1 package of mozzarella package

1 tray of cherry tomato tray

Mimolette or grated gruyère


Chervil or parsley

Onion (ideally new)

1 minced meat

Concentrated tomato sauce

1 pinch of paprika pinch



1 tablespoon of Provence herbs

Preparation: 30 min
Cooking time: 15 min

Step 1
Mix the flour, salt, yeast and then make a well in the centre and add the water.
Step 2
Knead everything in a food processor, then add the olive oil and knead again to obtain a homogeneous paste.
Step 3
Set aside half of the dough.
Step 4
Add a little flour and diluted black colouring to the other half and knead. Lift the two balls of dough for 45 minutes by covering them with a damp cloth.
Step 5
Slice the spring onions, fry them in a frying pan with a little olive oil, add the crumbled meat, chopped cherry tomatoes, 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce and finely chopped chervil and let the mixture cool.
Step 6
Knead the two balls of dough separately with a little flour to chase away the air and then divide each into eight identical small balls.
Step 7
Spread them out and place a piece of mozzarella cheese, a tablespoon of preparation, grated cheese and half a cherry tomato on top.
Step 8
Gently fold the dough over on all four sides to form a ball pizza.
Step 9
Place the balls in a dish, spacing them out and inserting the white and black ones. Cover with a damp cloth for 30 minutes to make them swell.
Step 10
Bake at 220°C (thermostat 7) in the lower part of the oven for 15 minutes.
Step 11
Finally, brush the pizza balls with a mixture of hot water and olive oil using a brush. Sprinkle paprika on black pizza balls and Provence herbs on white ones.
I add my grain of salt

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