Best Recipe for Broccoli Salad

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Best Recipe for Broccoli Salad

Best Recipe for Broccoli Salad

Since Broccoli is at a bargain this week I figured I would share my best formula for broccoli plate of mixed greens that I take to many, numerous family capacities. I get demands for it constantly. For example, ensure you convey that broccoli serving of mixed greens to the dad's day outing. Or on the other hand, I get requested the formula for broccoli plate of mixed greens from individuals going to the capacity. In this way, I can healthily prescribe it and satisfied to impart it to you. 

Gretchen's Broccoli Salad 

1 pound bacon, seared fresh and depleted 

3 clusters broccoli, cleaved fine 

1/2 container raisins or crasins 

1/2 container sunflower seeds, ( or can utilize pumpkin seeds, or sesame seeds) 

1 medium red onion 

1/2 container Hellman's Mayo 

1/4 container crude sugar 

1/4 container Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar 

Blend your mayo, sugar and vinegar and put aside. Let mix together for 20 - 30 minutes. 

Blend your broccoli, raisins, sunflower seeds and onion together. At that point pour above blend over it and afterward finish off with the fricasseed bacon. 

Hurl all together and refrigerate medium-term. Can really make it a similar day as long as you have something like 5 hours to marinate enhances together. This is certainly not a low calorie, or low cholesterol dish. Be that as it may, it is very filling and fulfilling. It will ward off you from the treat table since you will be so fulfilled. 

In the event that you need, you could substitute agave nectar for the 1/4 container crude sugar. Or on the other hand you could utilize a powder sugar substitute, for example, splenda or stevia. I utilize the standard guideline: 3 parcels and after that see where I like it. Else, you can over do the sweet taste with a fake substitution. A few people feel it changes the formula and they swear they can differentiate, however I can't. In any case, perhaps I am simply use to it too. 

Another approach to lessen the calories on this formula is to utilize turkey bacon rather than genuine bacon. It has about a large portion of the calories. In any case, I genuinely couldn't care less for its kind. You simply need to pick and pick your fights, as it were. I would prefer to slice the measure of bacon down the middle, to a large portion of a pound ( 8 ounces) of normal bacon and get the genuine flavor. 

You could likewise utilize Hellman's light Mayo instead of the customary mayo. Once more, it slices the calories down the middle. You should keep an eye out for a watery consistency on the off chance that you do that. In this way, be cautious and hurl often if utilizing a light form of mayo. 


I need to share my best formula for broccoli plate of mixed greens that I take to many, numerous family capacities. I get demands for it constantly. 

Gretchen has managed her own sugar enslavement for some, numerous years. With 10 years involvement in the weight reduction industry, Gretchen conveys fire tried, individuals tried methodologies that work, all things considered. She is enthusiastic about helping individuals with their sugar sensitivities and addictions and to enable them to forestall diseases, for example, grown-up beginning diabetes. Gracious, and get more fit as well!

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