Comfort gratin (potatoes, tomatoes, mozzarella)

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Comfort gratin (potatoes, tomatoes, mozzarella)

Comfort gratin (potatoes, tomatoes, mozzarella)

Number of people

2 g mozzarella cheese

2 tomatoes

2 potatoes

Basil (a few fresh leaves or a few pinches of dried basil)

Olive oil



Preparation: 15 min
Cooking time: 30 min
Step 1
At the bottom of a gratin dish, add olive oil, coarse salt and pepper.
Step 2
Scald and peel the tomatoes, cut them into slices and place them at the bottom of the dish.
Step 3
Cut 250 g of mozzarella into slices and place them on top of the tomatoes.
Step 4
It is at this time that you can add the chopped basil leaves or a little dried basil.
Step 5
Peel and boil (about 15 minutes, they should be cooked but firm) two large potatoes. Once they are cooked, cut them into slices and fry them in oil in a frying pan to brown them well. Then place the slices on the mozzarella in the gratin dish.
Step 6
Cut the mozzarella into 250 g slices and place it on the potatoes.
Step 7
Preheat your oven to 210°C (thermostat 7), bake for 10 minutes at this temperature and then finish cooking with two minutes on the grill.
Author's note
Simple and tasteful!

I add my grain of salt

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