Eggplant, tomato and mozzarella toast

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Eggplant, tomato and mozzarella toast

Eggplant, tomato and mozzarella toast

Eggplant, tomato and mozzarella toast
Eggplant, tomato and mozzarella toast

Number of sandwiches

1 whole ball of mozzarella cheese

2 tomatoes

1 eggplant

4 slices of poilâne bread (or other country bread)

basil leaf

Preparation: 40 min
Cooking time: 20 min
Step 1
Preparation of eggplant slices:
Step 2
Wash the eggplant, then cut it into thin slices.
Step 3
Heat a frying pan to fry the slices in a little oil (turn the slices over every minute to avoid charring them)!
Step 4
Then place the aubergines on a plate, interspersing with sopalin leaves, in order to absorb as much oil as possible.
Step 5
Preparation of the sandwiches:
Step 6
Cut the mozzarella into thin slices, as well as the tomatoes.
Step 7
Slice the basil leaves.
Step 8
Take 4 nice slices of poilane bread (or country bread), and place on each one (in order):
Step 9
- 1 slice of eggplant
Step 10
- 3 slices of tomatoes
Step 11
- 3 slices of mozzarella cheese
Step 12
- 1 pinch chopped basil
Step 13
These proportions can change according to the size of your bread (the important thing is to cover as much surface area as possible without overflowing too much).
Step 14
Once the sandwiches are ready, you can grill them in the oven at 180°C (thermostat 6) for 15 minutes.
Step 15
Serve with a little salad, arranged all around.
Author's note
You will probably have some extra eggplant slices left over: you can enjoy them later on bread. Keeps well in the fridge, in a plate, covered with pastic film. These sandwiches can be served as a starter, one per person. You can make it your main course with 2 per person.

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