Fish tartar with mango and avocado

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Fish tartar with mango and avocado

Fish tartar with mango and avocado

Number of people

2 steaks of fresh tuna or other fatty fish

2 lawyers

3 mangoes

Lemon Lemon

Sweet soy sauce

Basil and chopped mint



Preparation: 15 min
Step 1
If you use frozen tuna and mango, remember to thaw them at least 10 hours before.
Step 2
Cut the raw tuna into small cubes on a board, taking care not to tear the flesh. To do this, use a very sharp and long knife, a sashimi knife.
Step 3
Cut the mangoes in the same way. Cut the avocado in half, remove the stone and check the avocado. Take the cubes with a small spoon and sprinkle with the juice of half a lemon to prevent it from turning black.
Step 4
Mix the 3 ingredients gently, season with salt, pepper, basil, mint, olive oil and soy sauce.
Step 5
Marinate 10 min in the fridge before serving. The gourmands will add a tablespoon of fresh cream to the preparation.
Step 6
Taste it now!
Author's note
Recipe too easy but be careful because all the difference between a good and a bad tartar is the seasoning, don't be shy because a bland tartar is a failed tartar!

I add my grain of salt

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