The Best Recipe for a Broken Heart

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The Best Recipe for a Broken Heart

The Best Recipe for a Broken Heart 

Agony is an exercise that can assist the person with realizing 

He is a human with emotions, 

Emotions to feel the agony, 

What's more, emotions to feel the distress. 

The best formula for a broken heart- 

Disregard the past, 

Take in exercise from an earlier time, 

Think decidedly, 

Have confidence in yourself, 

Love and never loathe yourself, 

Continuously consider advancement yourself, 

Quit contrasting yourself unto others, 

Rather contrast yourself with your past self, 

So you can almost certainly figure out your identity 

Also, figure out how to welcome yourself. 

In the event that you have attempted and met with disappointment; 

In the event that you have arranged and watched your arrangements as they were smashed before your eyes; 

Simply recollect that most prominent men in all history were the results of strength, 

Furthermore, boldness, you know, is conceived in the support of difficulty. 

As you cruise through life, 

Try not to evade harsh waters! 

Sail on... since quiet oceans; 

Never make you an able mariner! 

Be solid dependably! 

Since God will be your stay! 

Wish you numerous endowments to come and God favor! 

Moises Reconalla 

About the Author: 

Moises P. Reconalla is the School Guidance Counselor, College Instructor and Working Students Supervisor at North Davao College, Panabo City, Philippines. 

He has encouraged a few courses at the school including: Guidance and Counseling, General Psychology, Philippine History: Roots and Development, General Anthropology and Sociology, and Dr. Jose Rizal: Life, Works and Writings. 

All rights saved around the world. Copyright 2007 by Moises Padin Reconalla 

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