Verrines lenses, salmon, goat

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Verrines lenses, salmon, goat

Verrines lenses, salmon, goat

Number of people

150 g green lentils

150 g smoked salmon

70 g fresh goat cheese

50 g pine nuts

9 large pieces of dried tomato

9 walnut kernels

1 cube of chicken broth

1 shallot





Preparation: 40 min
Cooking time: 25 min
Step 1
Cook the lentils in boiling salted water with the chicken broth cube, about 20-25 min.
Step 2
For the time being, cut the smoked salmon into small pieces.
Step 3
Mix the goat cheese with the finely chopped shallot and herbs, salt and pepper.
Step 4
Lightly grill the pine nuts in the pan without adding fat.
Step 5
Cut the dried tomatoes into small pieces.
Step 6
Arrange in the verrines: a layer of lentils, a layer of smoked salmon, a layer of pine nuts, a layer of goat cheese, pieces of dried tomato and finally a walnut kernel.
Step 7
Serve (preferably fresh) and enjoy!
Author's note
This can be served with pieces of avocado on which a drizzle of lemon and a drizzle of raspberry vinegar are placed, as well as a salad leaf and a fresh goat's cheese brick. It makes a very good entry, quite light.

I add my grain of salt

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