Beef Cannelloni

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Beef Cannelloni

Beef Cannelloni

Number of people

1.6 kg of stewed meat

1 lettuce

600 g sausage meat

2 onions

5 tomatoes


150 g grated Gruyère cheese

Preparation: 30 min
Cooking time: 30 min
Step 1
Cook 1.6 kg of stewed meat in a casserole dish for 10 minutes.
Step 2
Open the casserole and add the green leaves of a lettuce and cook for 5 minutes.
Step 3
Set aside the cooking broth.
Step 4
At the same time, sauté 600g of sausage meat with 2 onions in a sauté pan (same cooking time as the meat).
Step 5
Beef, sausage and onions in the chopper.
Step 6
Cook plates of dry lasagna (about 50, do not use cannelloni already rolled) 5 by 5 in salted water.
Step 7
Drain them and place them on a clean cloth to dry them.
Step 8
Cut them in half, add a little stuffing, roll them up and place them in a large buttered gratin dish.
Step 9
Tamp all your cannelloni well (everything must fit in a large dish)
Step 10
and sprinkle with broth.
Step 11
Meanwhile, reduce a tomato purée with basil (or - simpler - heat two medium cans of "roasted meat sauce" type sauce in your skillet, with a little butter).
Step 12
Cover your dish generously.
Step 13
Put in a soft oven (3 or 4).
Step 14
When the dish is hot, sprinkle with grated cheese and melt again.
Step 15
Serve hot.
Author's note
It's a long dish to make (I personally take 4 hours alone) But we don't regret it at all

I add my grain of salt

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