Shrimp marinated in plancha sauce

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Shrimp marinated in plancha sauce

Shrimp marinated in plancha sauce

Number of people

15 pink shrimps

basil leaf

4 tablespoons of olive oil

1 tablespoon medium strong mustard

1 lime juice

Preparation: 3h20
Step 1
Preparation of the marinade:
Step 2
Mix the olive oil, mustard, lemon juice, chopped basil in a bowl large enough to accommodate the shrimp.
Step 3
Shell the shrimp and dip them in the marinade.
Step 4
Put 3 hours in the fridge.
Step 5
I recommend mixing several times during these 3 hours so that all shrimp are well impregnated.
Step 6
Grill cooking:
Step 7
Lightly oil the plancha.
Step 8
Sauté the shrimp for a few minutes on each side and enjoy immediately.
I add my grain of salt

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