Galia Melon and strawberries with basil

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Galia Melon and strawberries with basil

Galia Melon and strawberries with basil

Number of people

1 Galia melon with green flesh

500 g strawberries

6 tablespoons brown sugar

1 bunch of basil

Pink pepper (optional)

Preparation: 15 min
Step 1
Make a light syrup with the sugar and about 2 glasses of water in which you will add the coarsely chopped basil. After 15 minutes turn off the heat and let the syrup cool completely (to go faster, transfer to a bowl and put in a 2nd container with water and ice cubes).
Step 2
Meanwhile, cut the melon flesh into cubes or make balls with a melon spoon; wash and cut the strawberries in half or four depending on the variety.
Step 3
Pour the cooled syrup over the fruit, stir and chill for at least one hour covered with plastic wrap.
Step 4
Just before serving, crush a few pink peppercorns between your fingers and sprinkle.
Author's note
The result obviously depends on the quality of the fruit (adapt the quantity of sugar according to their maturity and your taste). This light and refreshing dessert will be better if you can wait a few hours.

I add my grain of salt

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