Goat spring rolls - spinach

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Goat spring rolls - spinach

Goat spring rolls - spinach

Number of rooms

16 rice pancakes

1 package spinach

50 g transparent noodles

16 fresh goat cheese (sliced)

6 slices of chicken breast

1 bunch of mint

1 handful of soybeans sprouts

1 handful of sesame seeds (optional)
For the sauce:

1 can of tomato paste

Basil (preferably fresh)

Olive oil



Preparation: 45 min
Step 1
Let the noodles soften in hot water for 10 to min.
Step 2
Meanwhile, brown the sesame seeds in a small frying pan over low heat; they must be just browned.
Step 3
Wash the spinach shoots and remove withered or damaged shoots; do the same with mint and soybeans.
Step 4
Cut the chicken breast into strips of about 1/2 cm. Drain the noodles and cut them in half.
Step 5
In a large dish (such as a large hollow plate), pour very hot water (but not too much, because you have to be able to plunge your fingers into it without too much difficulty!).
Step 6
Place 2 rice pancakes on top of each other and immerse them in water until they are softened; they must remain easy to handle.
Step 7
Place the 2 pancakes, one on top of the other, on the work surface. Place a few spinach shoots in the middle, forming a "band" that covers the pancake.
Step 8
Place a little noodle on top, 3 or 4 leaves of whole or chopped mints, 1/8 of the soy sprouts, then 1/8 of the chicken breast strips.
Step 9
Finally, place 2 small fresh goats cut in half, and add the toasted sesame seeds.
Step 10
Now the pancake must be "rolled" to form a pretty cylinder from which no ingredients can escape. Fold the bottom edge of the crepe over the stuffing, then roll gently.
Step 11
The rice pancake should be moist enough to "stick" and hold the roll in place; if not, moisten it slightly.
Step 12
Finally, fold the sides of the pancake inside the roller, pushing them in slightly.
Step 13
For the side sauce:
Step 14
Dissolve the tomato paste with 2 to 3 tablespoons of hot water, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a few drops of vinegar.
Step 15
This mixture must not be too liquid, it must have the consistency of a tomato paste.
Step 16
Season with salt, pepper, chopped basil and a little sugar to reduce the acidity of the tomato and vinegar.
Author's note
Don't hesitate to be generous with spinach shoots and soybeans, otherwise the rolls may be a little dry. This dish can become vegetarian without any problem, if you replace the chicken breast with tofu.

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