Millefeuille of vegetables from the sun

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Millefeuille of vegetables from the sun

Millefeuille of vegetables from the sun

Number of people

1 fresh eggplant or 1 bag of grilled and sliced eggplants in the frozen section

1 red pepper (or 1 jar of pimientos - Spanish red pepper)

1 can of crushed tomatoes or 2/3 fresh tomatoes

400 g tomato puree

30 cl white wine

1 bag of rice

3 teaspoons basil

1 tablespoon olive oil

parmesan cheese chip



Preparation: 15 min
Cooking time: 1 h
Step 1
Preheat your oven to 200°C (thermostat 7).
Step 2
For fresh vegetables:
Step 3
Cut the aubergine into thin slices to obtain about fifteen.
Step 4
Cut the red pepper into thin strips.
Step 5
Cut the tomatoes into small cubes, keeping the juice.
Step 6
In a terracotta dish, spread the white (raw) rice all over the bottom of the dish.
Step 7
Then, spread half of the eggplant slices (if you use frozen eggplants, no need to add olive oil because they are already grilled).
Step 8
For fresh aubergines, drizzle with olive oil.
Step 9
Add half of the red pepper strips.
Step 10
Put all the tomato puree on the peppers.
Step 11
Season with salt and pepper.
Step 12
And we do it again...
Step 13
Make a thickness with the rest of the aubergines, then the peppers and finish with the crushed tomatoes.
Step 14
Add 2 to 3 glasses of white wine to the mixture (otherwise, put 2 glasses before cooking and the 3rd halfway through cooking)
Step 15
Finally, add the basil and parmesan cheese.
Step 16
Put in the oven between 45 min and 1 h.
Step 17
NB: this recipe is vegetarian, but I also recommend adding slices of strong chorizo.
Step 18
NB-2: I propose this recipe with fresh vegetables for summer and frozen/boxed vegetables for winter, waiting for the sunny days...
I add my grain of salt

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