Mug cake tomate lard basilic (au micro-ondes)

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Mug cake tomate lard basilic (au micro-ondes)

Mug cake tomate lard basilic (au micro-ondes)

Number of people

30 g margarine or butter or olive oil to your taste

1 egg

1 teaspoon of liquid cream

1/8 tablespoon yeast

4 tablespoons flour

3 teaspoons of double tomato paste

3 slices of thin bacon, diced

1 half of dehydrated basil

1 pinch of salt

1 ground pepper

1 tablespoon grated cheese (optional)

Preparation: 7 min
Cooking time: 2 min
Step 1
To surf on the latest culinary trend, mug cakes, which only offer sweet recipes, I wanted to try one in salty, here are the steps:
Step 2
In a 25 to 30 cl flat-bottomed mug, mix each ingredient starting with melted butter/margarine (20 sec. in the 800W microwave), then egg, mix, cream, mix (and so on for each ingredient), yeast, flour, double tomato paste, basil and diced bacon (which you may have toasted beforehand according to your desire for crunchiness), a pinch of salt with or without pepper.
Step 3
Once the dough is well homogeneous, pour it into 3/4 of the height of the mug and bake at 800W for 2 minutes. If the consistency seems to be lacking in cooking, add 10 seconds in 10 seconds depending on your microwave oven.
Author's note
It is possible to divide the appliance into different smaller cups, the cooking time will be the same at 800W. The advantage of this recipe is that it is available like any other salted cake. Just pay attention to the consistency of the dough and adjust the flour dose accordingly.

I add my grain of salt

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