Potato gratin with tomatoes

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Potato gratin with tomatoes

Potato gratin with tomatoes

Potato gratin with tomatoes
Potato gratin with tomatoes
Number of people

800 g potato

8 tomatoes

250 g mozzarella cheese

1 bunch of basil

4 tablespoons of oil



4 squares of fresh cheese of the'petits Gervais' type (or other)

Preparation: 10 min
Cooking time: 30 min
Step 1
Clean the potatoes, leave them in dirty water while you prepare the other ingredients.
Step 2
Wash the tomatoes, cut them into slices not too thin and remove the grains.
Step 3
Drain the mozzarella and cut it into slices.
Step 4
Rinse the basil, shake it to drain. Remove the stems and set aside the leaves.
Step 5
Remove the potatoes from the water and rinse them. Peel them and cut them also into slices not too thick, they cook faster.
Step 6
Preheat your oven 180-200°C (thermostat 7-8).
Step 7
Butter 4 small gratin moulds and place a layer of potatoes, tomatoes and mozzarella in each one.
Step 8
Bake until the mozzarella "forms a gratin" (30-35 mn).
Step 9
At the end of the oven, spread a little oil, pepper, basil leaves on each dish.
Step 10
Crumble the small gervais and serve them with it.
Author's note
Ultra-easy, fast and not too expensive.

I add my grain of salt

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