Rabbit with pistou

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Rabbit with pistou

Rabbit with pistou

Rabbit with pistou
Rabbit with pistou
Number of people

1 rabbit of about 1.2 Kg

6 cloves of garlic

3 tomatoes

3 sprigs of basil

10 cl oil

1 kg of ceps



Preparation: 45 min
Cooking time: 1h20
Step 1
Peel the garlic cloves and mix them; cut 1 tomato into very small squares.
Step 2
Mix the garlic and tomato, add the 10 cl of oil, salt and pepper; crush well with a fork.
Step 3
Place the rabbit you have previously cut in an oven dish and cover it with the garlic mixture; keep in a cool place.
Step 4
In a saucepan, cut 2 tomatoes into large pieces and then mix the 3 sprigs of basil; salt and pepper and cook over low heat for 10 min (do not forget to stir occasionally); after 10 min, add the mushrooms previously rinsed with tomatoes and basil and let cook 10 min more and let stand at room temperature.
Step 5
Put the oven to preheat to 160°C (thermostat 5) and place the rabbit dish in it for 1 hour; halfway through cooking, add the basil, tomatoes, mushrooms, and let the remaining 30 minutes cook.
I add my grain of salt

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