Pasta filled with ham in their vegetable broth

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Pasta filled with ham in their vegetable broth

Pasta filled with ham in their vegetable broth

Pasta filled with ham in their vegetable broth
Pasta filled with ham in their vegetable broth

Number of people

50 cl dry white wine

1 cube of Knorr chicken broth

1 cube of Maggi golden kub

2 tablespoons Maggi powdered veal stock (fat-free or not)

1 level tablespoon of plain tomato paste

4 tablespoons of olive oil

2 pinches of turmeric

2 pinches of four spices

1 pinch ground ginger

1/2 bunch of coriander

2 basil leaves

1 yellow onion

1 zucchini

1 eggplant

100 g button mushroom

100 g canned carrot

250 g Cappelletti pasta with raw ham

Preparation: 40 min
Cooking time: 40 min
Step 1
Fill a pot or large saucepan with water, white wine, olive oil, and the 2 cubes.
Step 2
Heat over medium heat until the 2 cubes are completely dissolved. Boil over medium heat for the entire recipe.
Step 3
When the veal stock is added directly into boiling water, it forms small residues instead of dissolving. To avoid this, put the veal stock powder in a small container (cup, bowl), and add a teaspoon of water. Mix well. Repeat the experiment until the powder is well diluted in a small volume of water. Then add the contents of the container to the broth.
Step 4
Peel the onion and cut it into small cubes as thin as possible. Chop the coriander and basil. Add all this to the broth, as well as the tomato paste.
Step 5
Prepare the vegetables: peel the zucchini and eggplant. Cut them into small cubes. Wash the mushrooms and cut them into thin slices. Remove the carrots from the can, wash them, crush them coarsely. Add all the chopped vegetables to the broth.
Step 6
When the vegetables seem cooked (onions are translucent, mushroom rings are soft, zucchini and eggplant are melting), add the pasta. The bag indicates 1 minute of cooking: leave them 3 minutes for melting pasta.
Step 7
Take out two soup plates and pour the contents of the pan directly into the plates with a ladle. Above all, do not salt until you have tasted it: the veal stock and cubes are already salted.
Author's note
It is a refined, original and very easy recipe to make. After having created and tested it with various variants, here is the most successful version. I only recommend this type of pasta for a better result because the dough is thin and melting, and the salty taste of the ham breaks the rather sweet taste of the vegetables. Similarly, I recommend canned carrots because they significantly reduce cooking time compared to fresh carrots. Finally, combining two types of cubes and veal stock may seem excessive, but it is what makes for a good, very tasty broth that is not too bland. Enjoy your meal!

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