Ravioli in madness

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Ravioli in madness

Ravioli in madness

Ravioli in madness
Ravioli in madness
Number of people
For the dough:

600 g flour

6 eggs

3 tablespoons of oil

3 tablespoons of milk or cream

For the stuffing 1:

250 g ricotta cheese

500 g spinach

1 onion

40 g Parmesan cheese

Preparation: 1h30
Cooking time: 7 min
Step 1
Step 2
Mix all the ingredients to obtain a homogeneous non-sticky dough (if necessary add flour) let stand for at least 3/4 hour
Step 3
Farce 1 :
Step 4
Mix the spinach with the onions previously sweated in a little oil, then mix them with the ricotta.
Step 5
Farce 2 :
Step 6
Brown the mushrooms and mix them with the ricotta cheese.
Step 7
Farce 3 :
Step 8
Cut into small cubes, tomatoes, ham, basil and mix with the ricotta cheese.
Step 9
Using a pastry machine or a roller, make the thinnest possible pastry, then cut out the pieces with a glass about 9cm in diameter.
Step 10
Put a spoon of stuffing in the centre of each piece and fold it down to obtain half moons, stick each end with a fork.
Step 11
Do not hesitate to flour so that the dough does not stick.
Step 12
Boil water with a cube of vegetable stock, and cook the ravioli for about 7 to 8 minutes.
Step 13
Be careful not to put too many ravioli in the same pan, they would stick together....
Step 14
Serve 2 ravioli of each stuffing on horseback one on top of the other with a little parmesan cheese cut into strips, a few pine nuts and a salad (honey balsamic sauce)
Step 15
Have a good tasting!!
I add my grain of salt

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