Timbale of raw ham with sunny vegetables (microwave)

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Timbale of raw ham with sunny vegetables (microwave)

Timbale of raw ham with sunny vegetables (microwave)

Timbale of raw ham with sunny vegetables (microwave)
Timbale of raw ham with sunny vegetables (microwave)
Number of people

2 nice slices of raw ham

1 eggplant (or 2 small ones)

1 zucchini

4 tomatoes

Mozzarella or Ricotta

1 clove of garlic




Olive oil

Preparation: 20 min
Cooking time: 1 min
Step 1
* Step 1: Cook the vegetables....
Step 2
Grill (or fry in olive oil) the aubergines (previously cut into thin slices lengthwise). Book.
Step 3
Cut the courgettes into slices and brown them too. Book.
Step 4
The same goes for tomatoes, to which you will have added garlic and basil. Be careful that they do not overcook and do not turn into a sauce: they must remain in pieces.
Step 5
* 2nd step: the assembly....
Step 6
Line 4 ramekins with thin strips of raw ham.
Step 7
In fact, the principle is to cross the strips at the bottom of the ramekin so as to have a kind of asterisk or star whose branches run up along the wall of the ramekin (am I clear?), so that (when you unmould the timbales) the ham holds the preparation without covering it completely. Thus, we will see the different layers of the timpani.
Step 8
On the filling, then add the aubergines, compacting well, then the tomatoes, then the mozzarella, and finally the courgettes.
Step 9
Put in the microwave oven for one or two minutes: the vegetables are already cooked, just melt the mozzarella or heat the ricotta, and cook the ham a little bit to flavour the whole.
Step 10
Unmould and enjoy....
Author's note
Developed from the idea of salmon timbales with zucchini mousse. This entry is quite presentable and very quick to prepare.

I add my grain of salt

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