Antipasti: small basil and mozzarella towers

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Antipasti: small basil and mozzarella towers

Antipasti: small basil and mozzarella towers

Number of people

1 fairly fine eggplant

2 red peppers

3 tomatoes (preferably in bunches)

2 scoops of mozzarella

1 bunch fresh basil

1 small glass of olive oil


Preparation: 15 min
Cooking time: 1 h
Step 1
Cut the eggplant into slices across the width. Drain the slices with salt.
Step 2
Cut the peppers into squares of about 6 cm and bake them in the oven (120°C/thermostat 4) after salting them and covering them with a large dash of olive oil. Let them cook until they become soft.
Step 3
Let the cooked peppers rest and replace them in the oven by the eggplant slices, according to the same model, then successively by the quartered tomatoes.
Step 4
Once the 3 vegetables are cooked, prepare the sauce: mix the fresh basil bouquet (keep a few small leaves aside for final decoration) with the glass of olive oil and salt.
Step 5
The sauce must be predominantly green.
Step 6
Let it cool for 10 minutes in the refrigerator.
Step 7
Meanwhile, prepare the plates: the number of turns per plate will vary depending on the size of your vegetables!
Step 8
Start with one of the largest eggplant slices that you cover with a pepper, then a tomato, then a mozzarella slice, then stack again a (smaller) eggplant, a pepper, a tomato, a mozzarella. Finish it with a small hat (the smallest pieces of vegetables).
Step 9
You can increase your towers or reduce them by one level, knowing that the higher they are, the more difficult they will be to eat!
Step 10
Once all the turns are upright, drizzle each one with a good drizzle of sauce. Finally, gently place a mini basil leaf on top of each round.
Author's note
Sight, smell, taste: a delight for all senses!

I add my grain of salt

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