Salmon steaks with basil cream

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Salmon steaks with basil cream

Salmon steaks with basil cream

Number of people

1 salmon (about 200 g)

1/2 small jar of fresh cream

fresh basil leaf (or 1/2 tablet of K basil'secret flavouring' secret)

Fresh tagliatelle

Preparation: 15 min
Cooking time: 15 min
Step 1
Cook the tagliatelle. Once cooked, drain them, and keep them warm in the pan with a lid.
Step 2
When cooking pasta in water, grill salmon steaks (washed in water to remove scales and excess salt).
Step 3
The best way to obtain a pink flesh at the bone is to start cooking over high heat (to sear the fish), and then, once it is turned over, you can lower the heat if the steak is really thick.
Step 4
You don't want it to stay more than 10 minutes in the pan, otherwise the salmon will be dry, and therefore not terrible!
Step 5
Of course, it is useless to put grease at the bottom of the pan, salmon is greasy enough as it is! At no time should you salt either: the tablet already contains salt, and so does the salmon.
Step 6
Once the steaks are cooked, remove them from the pan and store them on a plate, or a dish covered with a lid (but not in the oven!).
Step 7
In the fish juices, off the heat, put the portion of fresh cream and just the right amount of basil (SUPER GAFFE, THE BASILIC, CA CRAME IN A TIME NOTHING).
Step 8
If you use a tablet, melt it in the cream over a very low heat (if you hurry, there are times when you don't even need to put it back on the fire, the heat from the pan is enough).
Step 9
Remove from the heat, as soon as the first broth of the cream (and it is too late! Normally, if you want to do well, the cream should not boil, but well, we're not going to quibble either!).
Step 10
Then place on a plate, a portion of tagliatelle, the salmon steak next to it, the sauce on the salmon (without covering it completely with sauce, it's nice the grilled steaks)...
Step 11
And if necessary, take care of the presentation with a fresh basil leaf on the plate, a slice of tomato (which can be grilled at the same time as the fish), etc....
Author's note
To use fresh basil, just take a few basil leaves per person, cut with a chisel (forget the chopper for aromatic herbs, you leave more flavour in the bowl of the chopper than in the leaves!!!), which you put before the cream, out of the fire, in the juices of the steaks, and when they have a little, how to say, returned their flavours, you add the fresh cream. There you go.

I add my grain of salt

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