Sliced chicken with basil (Chinese recipe)

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Sliced chicken with basil (Chinese recipe)

Sliced chicken with basil (Chinese recipe)

Sliced chicken with basil (Chinese recipe)
Ajouter une légendeSliced chicken with basil (Chinese recipe)
Number of people

2 chicken breasts

1 onion

1 green pepper

Fresh (imperatively!) or frozen basil

2 spoons of oil (preferably olive or sesame)

1/2 cube of poultry broth

Ground white pepper (optional)

Ground cayenne pepper (to taste...)

1 bowl of boiling water

1 spoonful of soy sauce (optional)

1 spoonful of cornstarch

Salt (if required)

Preparation: 15 min
Cooking time: 7 min
Step 1
It is a recipe that I reconstituted myself after a few tries, according to a basil chicken recipe that I ate one day at a Chinese caterer, and that I liked well (chicken, not Chinese caterer!)
Step 2
First slice the onion and cut the pepper into thin strips (about 5 mm wide).
Step 3
Cut the chicken breasts into thin strips using a very sharp kitchen knife held almost parallel to the worktop.
Step 4
Heat the olive or sesame oil in the cooking pot (I use an old enamelled cast iron casserole dish, but a skillet or wok should do the trick).
Step 5
Throw the chicken strips in the hot oil and stir very quickly for about a minute. The meat should not be cooked but browned.
Step 6
Add the soy sauce (optional), white pepper and ground cayenne pepper (dose according to your spice tolerance... but it is a rather spicy recipe at the base!). Then add the chopped onion and pepper strips.
Step 7
Stir it vigorously while maintaining the high heat.
Step 8
Add the fresh basil leaves. Add the half cube of chicken broth that you will probably have dissolved in a bowl of boiling water.
Step 9
Finally, sprinkle with the tablespoon of cornstarch and mix everything together. As soon as the broth has a very syrupy consistency, remove it from the heat.
Step 10
It's ready! It's ready!
Author's note
The little trick of the recipe is not to try to cook the meat: you will just harden it. The chicken strips cook very quickly over high heat, it is useless to continue cooking, which must be as short as possible to keep the meat very tender.
Beware of salt! Poultry broth is already very salty, so be careful...
You can vary the recipe and add bamboo shoots, or some mushrooms, or soya germ (at the end of cooking), etc.... (it is a Chinese recipe don't forget it, try to stay in the same tone as the recipe...).
It is served very hot with Thai rice for example.

I add my grain of salt

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