Tagliatelle with pesto sauce and shrimp skewers

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Tagliatelle with pesto sauce and shrimp skewers

Tagliatelle with pesto sauce and shrimp skewers

Number of people

500 g fresh tagliatelle preferably


Parmesan cheese in chips or powder form

20 pink shrimps

Olive oil



Fresh basil
To make homemade pesto:

1 bunch of fresh basil

2 cloves of garlic

Olive oil (about one glass)

Preparation: 40 min
Cooking time: 20 min
Step 1
For the pesto sauce, I recommend the pesto sauce in a jar, which is excellent.
Step 2
However, for the bravest, here is the recipe for the homemade pistou:
Step 3
Squeeze the garlic and place it in a mortar or bowl.
Step 4
Chop the basil by hand (it keeps all its flavour) and add it to the garlic in the mortar.
Step 5
Crush in mortar or bowl to purée the basil, then gently add the olive oil (like mayonnaise, crushing well) to make the sauce rise.
Step 6
You have to get to a kind of liquid ointment, but not too oily.
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Cook the tagliatelle, drain them.
Step 10
Fry the shrimp in a frying pan with a little oil and prick them into skewers.
Step 11
Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
Step 12
In a hot plate, place the tagliatelle, a large spoon of pesto, the skewer and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
Step 13
Salt and pepper.
Step 14
DECO TIP: Put one or two leaves of fresh basil, and a few shavings of parmesan cheese!
Step 15
Author's note
This easy recipe will amaze your friends and family! The pesto-shrimp-parmesan blend is very interesting in the mouth.... Moreover, it is very easy to do! Become a real chef and enjoy yourself!

I add my grain of salt

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