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ChaHarach Mechebon

ChaHarach Mechebon

Number of people

1 sheet of flammekueche dough preferably because it is thinner than pizza dough

1/2 tomato concentrate

1/2 can crushed tomato

1 teaspoon of Italian mushroom tapenade flavoured with truffles (4/5€) otherwise olive tapenade)

1 teaspoon of oil flavoured with truffle or olive oil

1 dried chilli pepper (in a bag in the world grocery section)

2 small cans of piccanta anchovies

Fresh basil

2 tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese (but it is not essential and certainly not more!)

Preparation: 20 min
Cooking time: 30 min
Step 1
First of all, light a hot oven (210°C - Thermostat 7).
Step 2
Take out the dough sheet. With an olive oil spray or a brush or fingers, oil the leaf very lightly and turn it over oiled against the parchment paper (I put it on an aluminium plate, I oil, I put the paper back on and I turn it over^^).
Step 3
In a large bowl pour the 1/2 tube of tomato paste, the 1/2 can of crushed tomato, the spoon of salsa di tartufo (or tapenade) a spoon of truffle oil (or olive oil) and for the rabid, grind a small pepper before pouring (be careful not to touch your eyes or lips before washing your hands otherwise you will think you are demonstrating it ^^).
Step 4
Do not forget that the taste of the chilli pepper will be increased tenfold during cooking and that the anchovies are also piccanta (even if raw they look fallow).
Step 5
Be sure to stay in the edible category....
Step 6
Mix it all with a whisk
Step 7
Do not add anything as an ingredient, you stay in fairly pure and strong flavours ^^.
Step 8
The device is almost brown.
Step 9
Spread the device (the sauce what! ^^) on the dough sheet by letting go of a very small centimetre of clear dough.
Step 10
Open the boxes of piccanta anchovies (beware it stains! ^^^) with chopsticks grab an anchovy (they are rolled on themselves) and position them on the dough by slightly unwinding the fillet but keeping the snail shape.....
Step 11
Two small boxes are enough for one dough.
Step 12
There is still sauce in the boxes, you drain it harmoniously on top.
Step 13
Taste the sauce, don't forget that the power of the chilli pepper will be stronger when cooking....
Step 14
If the heart tells you to grind a little more pepper (I have a pepper mill like a pepper mill it's very practical ^^).
Step 15
In a passerette put two spoons of grated parmesan cheese and sprinkle harmoniously just enough to gratinate the dish but not too much otherwise it will alter the taste (it's not a pizza: it's a spicy aperitif).
Step 16
Put in the middle of the very hot oven for about 20/25 minutes. When you feel it's going to be ready to come out of the oven, you might see that the medium is not captured....
Step 17
Remove the sheet of parchment paper and rest on your non-stick aluminium plate
Step 18
(if you don't trust your plate, an oil spray is required.)
Step 19
Reposition the plate in the oven but this time very high near the grill for another 2/5 minutes
Step 20
Stay nearby to watch it's more like 123.... Get out! ^^^^
Step 21
Let the plate cool down for two minutes.... Put on a wooden board and bring to the table to cut.... (the first one to cut directly from the aluminium plate: I type it ^^).
Step 22
Only now cut the fresh basil leaves into small pieces with your fingernail, the sap from the basil comes to embalm the table and it would be a shame not to share this pleasure... ^^
Step 23
Have it ready ^^^
Author's note
It's cheap (paste 2€, basil the same, 1€ per can of piccanta anchovies, concentrated and crushed less than 1€, tapenade, oil: see what you have in cupboard... ^^^) It's really easy to make with few ingredients and it doesn't require a fantastic touch for the quality of the food ^^ In my opinion it would be a shame to add anything else... We risk being drowned in palaces if we start adding more. It is powerful and very pure in taste... And it remains original and classy, I think. Be careful, anchovies are thirsty ^^.

I add my grain of salt

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