Hedgehog aperitif

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Hedgehog aperitif

Hedgehog aperitif

Hedgehog aperitif
Hedgehog aperitif

Number of people

1 bread of the desired size (country ball type)

1 box of fresh cheese


Fresh basil

Fresh mint

1 melon

2 packets of raw ham

Cherry tomato

1 can of feta cheese

1 watermelon

Mini mozzarella

1 black olives

Preparation: 45 min
Step 1
Lay the round bread flat. If, as here, it is big enough: cut the size directly in front of the bread, in a triangle. Otherwise, make the head in another smaller bread that you can fix at the front with a skewer stick.
Step 2
Cover the head with whipped cream cheese and spice to lightly colour (here, curry)
Step 3
Using a black olive cut into slices, make the nose and eyes of the hedgehog.
Step 4
Prepare and prick a regular first row of mini watermelon-feta-mint skewers.
Step 5
Prepare and prick a second regular row of mini skewers of cherry tomato-basil-mozzarella tomatoes
Step 6
Prepare and prick a regular third row of mini-melon-ham skewers
Step 7
Repeat until there is no more space on the bread
Author's note
The quantity of ingredients depends on the size of your bread and therefore on the number of spikes you want to make.

I add my grain of salt

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