Pork marinated in lemon juice

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Pork marinated in lemon juice

Pork marinated in lemon juice

Number of people

250 g pork sauté (cheap piece, taken from the loin or any part of the pig, but avoid the spine if possible...)

6 lemons (untreated if possible)

Green pepper in grain

Fresh basil

Preparation: 15 min
Cooking time: 12 h
Step 1
Attention: no traditional cooking in this recipe, only cooking with lemon juice (to be tested with other citrus fruits!)
Step 2
Slice the pork into strips (about 3-4 mm thick).
Step 3
Take zests from two of the lemons, squeeze them all to extract the juice.
Step 4
Add the spices to the "zest + juice" mixture: crushed green pepper and basil, or black pepper and coriander, or pink berries and chives, in short a pepper and herb, according to your taste (and your stock!).
Step 5
In a dish (not metal for the taste), alternate a layer of meat and a layer of juice, press so that the meat is completely submerged.
Step 6
Cover and put in the fridge for a minimum of one night.
Step 7
The pieces are cooked when they are no longer pink at all but white or brown (depending on the pieces used).
Author's note
Delicious to taste as they are, these small pieces of marinated pigs are really at the top integrated into a green salad: in this case make the vinaigrette with the juice recovered from the dish with a little mustard and olive oil... Enjoy your meal!

I add my grain of salt

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