Ham roll with mushrooms and mint

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Ham roll with mushrooms and mint

Ham roll with mushrooms and mint

Number of people

6 slices of slightly thick ham (2 mm)

4 fresh mushrooms (Paris)

150 g fresh square

Liquid cream

24 mint leaves

6 batavia leaves


Preparation: 10 min
Step 1
In a bowl, mix the chopped mint with the Fresh Squares and pepper; relax with the cream to obtain a dough that will spread easily.
Step 2
Clean the mushrooms briefly (cut off the foot and rub them or remove the first skin).
Step 3
Cut them into a kind of coarse hash (the pieces should not be too small).
Step 4
On each slice of ham, spread the mint cream on top; then sprinkle with mushrooms.
Step 5
Roll each slice on itself, and keep cool until ready to serve.
Step 6
Several presentations possible:
Step 7
- on a batavia leaf
Step 8
- on a large plate with various salads: carrot, cucumber, tomatoes....
Step 9
- as an aperitif by cutting sections 2 cm wide.
I add my grain of salt

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