Poultry liver salad with small dumplings

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Poultry liver salad with small dumplings

Poultry liver salad with small dumplings

Number of people

1 batavia

1 medium onion

2 cloves of garlic and 1 half lemon

300 g poultry liver

4 poultry dumplings

Walnut oil

3 tablespoons of muscat wine

3 spoons of whole milk




1 pinch of sugar

Preparation: 15 min
Cooking time: 25 min
Step 1
Wash the salad and remove its leaves. Rinse the chicken livers, cut them into two or three pieces each, cut the onions into half rings, peel the garlic cloves.
Step 2
In a frying pan, pour a little walnut oil, squeeze the garlic so that it is lightly browned. Put the chicken livers immediately, sear them, add salt and pepper a little, squeeze the half lemon and finally add frozen or fresh basil. Leave to cook for 10 minutes without forgetting to stir from time to time.
Step 3
Take out the half-cooked livers, put them in a container next to it.
Step 4
Keep the sauce bottom of the remaining pan, add the onions and brown them, they must be translucent. Put a pinch of sugar to caramelize the onions a little. If necessary, add walnut oil to prevent it from sticking. Pour the dose of muscat wine, always stirring.
Step 5
Cut the dumplings into rings, add them to the pan with the onions. Pour in the milk to make the dumplings swell (10 minutes).
Step 6
Put the livers back in the pan with all its remaining contents and over low heat, cook for 5 or 10 minutes.
Step 7
In the plates, first place the batavia leaves and then add the chicken livers and quenelles, all the preparation that is in the pan.
Author's note
Cook all this recipe over a low heat. Feel free to add a little oil or milk when it comes to cooking dumplings so that it doesn't stick. Livers should not be overcooked or bleeding. For the salad dressing, make your usual dressing or follow the one that came with my recipe. A little mustard, salt, pepper, the remaining half lemon, and olive oil. A pinch more sugar in this sauce if the lemon is too sour!

I add my grain of salt

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