New magnitude 5.9 earthquake off the coast of Puerto Rico

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New magnitude 5.9 earthquake off the coast of Puerto Rico

New magnitude 5.9 earthquake off the coast of Puerto Rico

A seismic tremor happened off the southern shoreline of Puerto Rico, southwest of Ponce. The seismic tremor was initially delegated an extent 6.0, yet U.S. Geographical Service downsized it to a 5.9. 

From that point forward, there have been a few consequential convulsions, with one enrolling 5.2 in greatness. 

Force blackouts are being accounted for crosswise over a significant part of the southern piece of the island. Teams are evaluating power plants for harm. 

This is a territory that has been crushed by seismic tremors in the course of recent weeks. A greatness 5.2 seismic tremor hit Puerto Rico Friday evening in a similar general region. 

As indicated by the U.S. Land Survey, Puerto Rico has encountered in excess of 139 seismic tremors at a greatness of 3.0 or more prominent. 

As of Friday evening, USGS said six of the shudders were size 5.0+. 

A huge number of individuals are as of now without water and force on the island due to the seismic tremors, and thousands are remaining in asylums or dozing outside after a quake Tuesday wrecked homes, organizations and schools. 

USGS authorities state Puerto Rico is structurally dynamic, so rare enormous tremors ought normal. 

Prior to the present spate of seismic tremors, inside the most recent 50 years there had been 10 quakes with a size of 4.0+. 

The Tsunami Warning Center says there is no tidal wave risk anticipated from the seismic tremor. 

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Data from the Associated Press was utilized in this report.

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