Ozzy Osbourne uncovers he has Parkinson's sickness

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Ozzy Osbourne uncovers he has Parkinson's sickness

Ozzy Osbourne uncovers he has Parkinson's sickness 

Ozzy Osbourne has opened up to the world about his Parkinson's ailment determination. 

In a meeting with Robin Roberts of "Good Morning America," which circulated Tuesday, the amazing rocker imparted the news to his better half Sharon next to him. 

The 71-year-old performer said uncovering his ailment resembled a weight being lifted. 

"I feel better since I've claimed up to the way that I have an instance of Parkinson's," he said. "Also, I simply trust (my fans) hold tight and they're there for me since I need them." 

Osbourne has had various issues since a year ago, including an extreme disease and a fall he said prompted him having the "most exceedingly terrible" year of his life. 

"At the point when I had the fall it was completely dark," he said. "I went to the restroom and I fell." 

Osbourne said he "simply fell and landed like a pummel on the floor." 

"I lay there deduction, 'Well, you've done it presently.' Really quiet," he said. "Sharon got me a rescue vehicle. From that point onward, it was all declining." 

He said he's been recuperating for right around a year now. 

"One month from now, a year," Osbourne said "Most exceedingly terrible, longest, generally agonizing, hopeless year of my life." 

There's been a lot of theory about the artist's wellbeing since he deferred his show dates a year ago. 

As indicated by Roberts, Osbourne needed to open up to the world about his battles given ongoing features that he was in bombing wellbeing and "on his deathbed." 

His significant other, syndicated program co-have Sharon Osbourne, said the rocker experiences "PRKN 2, which is a type of Parkinson's." 

"There's such a large number of various sorts of Parkinson's," she said. "It is anything but a capital punishment in any way shape or form, yet it affects certain nerves in your body. It resembles you have a decent day, a great day and afterward a downright awful day." 

Ozzy Osbourne said he's experiencing treatment for the malady and said fans shouldn't forget about him. 

"I ain't done at this point," he said. "I ain't going to go anyplace yet."

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