Dear Abby: Mom wouldn't like to help money battling couple's wedding

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Dear Abby: Mom wouldn't like to help money battling couple's wedding

Dear Abby: Mom wouldn't like to help money battling couple's wedding 

DEAR ABBY: My child is locked in to a young lady I'll call Carla. They are presently living with my better half and me to set aside cash and take care of off tabs. They battle frequently. Along these lines, my significant other and I were not energized when they carelessly declared their commitment and furthermore carelessly reported their wedding date as of late. I recently stated, "That is decent" or "congrats." 

I realize this isn't my relationship, and they are grown-ups, yet would it be a good idea for me to clarify why we can't get amped up for it? I don't disdain Carla, and I would be really OK on the off chance that they could make each other upbeat more often than not. But since of their contending and uncertain issues, I don't believe in their relationship. 

I figure they may approach us for cash to help with wedding costs, and shockingly, I feel it would discard cash. How terrible is that? I would prefer not to make hard sentiments on the off chance that they can make this work. Counsel? - UNENTHUSED MOM IN CALIFORNIA 

DEAR MOM: If you are approached to contribute to the wedding costs, consider making it contingent. Tell your child and Carla that you are profoundly concerned as a result of the measure of battling you see they do, and in the event that they will consent to pre-marriage mentoring, you will be happy to support them. 

DEAR ABBY: My significant other and I are in our 60s and have two developed children. We work all day and are monetarily secure. 

The problem: We have one grandkid who will before long turn 1. I approached my little girl in-law for blessing thoughts since I realize she as of now has all that could possibly be needed garments and toys. My little girl in-law quickly reacted that they will before long be requiring another vehicle seat, and that she'd likewise like a pleasant running carriage. 

The two of them have steady employments. They can without much of a stretch bear the cost of such things. Presently I feel that on the off chance that we don't create one of these as a blessing, she'll believe we're modest, however truly, I don't believe such things to be presents for the infant, essentially things guardians ought to be liable for in the event that they can manage the cost of them. I truly might want to get our grandbaby something one of a kind that will withstand the trial of time. Presently I wish I hadn't inquired! - REGRETFUL INQUIRING GRANDMA

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