Pizza with chorizo

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Pizza with chorizo

Pizza with chorizo

Pizza with chorizo
Pizza with chorizo

Number of persons

1 roll of pizza dough

30 cl tomato coulis

100 g chorizo

1 fresh mushroom

1 red pepper

125 g mozzarella cheese

100 g grated cheese

5 cl liquid cream

3 pinches of grated Parmesan cheese

1 pinch of basil

1 pinch of oregano

Total Time: 30 min
Preparation: 10 min
Cooking time: 20 min
Preheat the oven to 210° (th.7).
Spread the pizza dough (already equipped with a baking sheet) on a baking sheet.
Spread the tomato coulis on this dough and sprinkle with basil.
Wash the mushroom and cut it into thin slices. Cut the mozzarella and chorizo into slices. Wash and cut the red pepper into thin strips.
Arrange the slices of mushroom, chorizo slices, mozzarella slices and pepper strips on the coulis (in order).
Drizzle with a drizzle of liquid cream (optional according to taste).
Sprinkle with grated cheese, then Parmesan cheese and oregano.
Place the pizza in the oven for a good 20 minutes and enjoy!

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