Tiramatcha (salted tiramisu)

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Tiramatcha (salted tiramisu)

Tiramatcha (salted tiramisu)

Number of rooms

250 g mascarpone

2 eggs

1 level tablespoon of coarse salt

1 teaspoon warm water

10 tablespoons cooked beetroot cut into "tartare".

1 tablespoon walnut-flavoured vinegar

2 tablespoons of "neutral" oil

10 tablespoons turmeric shortbread, crushed

Fleur de sel


1 egg yolk

Total Time: 30 min
Preparation: 30 min
Prepare the turmeric shortbread several hours in advance to allow it to cool.
Place all ingredients at room temperature.
Season the cooked beet tartar with walnut vinegar, oil, salt and pepper.
Whisk the mascarpone with the matcha diluted in white wine.
Whisk the 3 yolks with the coarse salt until "blanched". Add the beaten mascarpone
Salt the 2 egg whites and beat them until stiff. Add them to the yolk-mascarpone mixture.
Arrange the beet tartar at the bottom of the verrines.
Add a first layer of the matcha cream.
Add the coarsely crumbled shortbread, reserving the remaining crumbs.
Finish with the cream. Smooth.
Chill in a cool place.
At serving time: powder matcha with a fine sieve and sprinkle the surface with sand "dust".

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