flavored tuna

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flavored tuna

flavored tuna

flavored tuna
flavored tuna

Number of persons

200 g of tuna in brine (2 cans)

2 pre-cooked beets

Dill or (parsley leaf, or fresh basil or coriander)

1 lime


4 tablespoons of organic virgin olive oil

2 whole shallots

1 Espelette chilli pepper

1 tablespoon organic sweet soybeans

1 cleaned endive from which you will have removed the base

4 walnut kernels , separated into 8 quarters

8 flat parsley leaves for decoration

Total Time: 25 min
Preparation time: 25 min
Open your cans of tuna and drain. Cut your pre-cooked red beets into 5 to 6 pieces, remember to remove the harder part where the root nests.
Take a medium-sized cul-de-soup. Insert in this bowl first the tuna and then the organic cold pressed virgin olive oil (4 large spoons). Cut the shallot into 4 quarters. Squeeze the lime. Seize a blender and, at low speed, mix the ingredients. Leave to macerate for a good 10 minutes.
Then add the peppercorns and the chilli pepper of your choice. After rinsing them in clear water, add the herbs to the bowl, complete with the organic sweet soy sauce.
Blend again, trying to blend as many peppercorns as possible. Be careful not to blend for too long or at high speed.
Keep everything in your refrigerator for 20 minutes.
During this time, clean an endive and keep the most beautiful leaves (the others will be delicious in a soup or salad!), the firmer and more hollow ones. Take out your preparation 10 minutes before your guests arrive. Place this cream of tuna with multiple flavours, unctuous and purplish, in the hollow of the endive leaves, decorated with half a walnut kernel and a parsley leaf.

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