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raspberry bush

raspberry bush

raspberry bush
raspberry bush

Number of persons
For the sponge cake:

3 eggs

60 g sugar

60 g flour

1/2 sachet of baking powder

30 g melted butter
For the trim:

250 g fresh raspberries

100 g raspberry coulis

1 tablespoon kirsch

20 cl full cream fluid

1 tablespoon icing sugar

50 g of roasted slivered almonds

Total Time: 35 min
Preparation: 10 min
Cooking time: 25 min

Preparation of the sponge cake: preheat your oven to 180°C (thermostat 6). Break the eggs in a bowl and add the sugar. Beat with an electric whisk until the mixture has tripled in volume, about 5 min.
Then add the flour, the baking powder and the melted beef.
Pour the mixture into a 20 cm-diameter baking dish (a soufflé dish, for example) and bake 25 min.
Be careful not to open the oven door during baking. If the dough falls a little in the middle, it's not very serious, you can make up for it! The sponge cake should have a nice golden colour.
Leave to cool at room temperature.
Preparation of the filling: whip the cream in a bowl previously put in the freezer. When it starts to rise, add the icing sugar.
The cream is ready when the surface makes nice waves that hold.
Cut the sponge cake in half. Soak the sponge cake underneath with the kirsh, then spread it with raspberry coulis, add 2/3 of the fresh raspberries and cover with whipped cream.
Place the second round of sponge cake on top of the preparation.
Put back a layer of coulis and then the rest of the whipped cream, putting it evenly all around the cake.
Gently place almonds around the edge of the cake, they will stick to the whipped cream.
Finish by arranging the rest of the raspberries nicely.
Keep in a cool place before serving.

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