spider cake

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spider cake

spider cake

spider cake
spider cake

Number of persons
For the cake:

125 g sweet chocolate powder

250 g caster sugar

4 eggs

125 g flour

200 g fresh cream
For the glaze:

3/4 plate of chocolate

Butter + 1 tablespoon of fresh cream

Total Time: 1h10
Preparation: 30 min
Cooking time: 40 min
Making the cake:
Beat the eggs and sugar with a mixer for 5 minutes. Add the banana, flour and cream while beating.
Pour into a buttered cake tin and bake at 180°C (gas mark 6). Watch the cooking, the inside of the cake should remain soft.
During baking, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie with a little water. Add the butter and cream at the end of cooking to obtain a very smooth and shiny mixture.
Unmould the cake and cover it with the topping, trying to make it uniform; let dry.
Meanwhile, prepare the spiders:
Cut 8 pieces of 5 cm long (=leaves) from the licorice rolls.
Dip the top of the cookie in the chocolate, place it on a sheet of baking paper and place the 8 legs around the edge of the cookie.
As it dries, the chocolate will fix the legs of the spider; repeat as many times as many spiders as desired.
Tip: you can make baby spiders with mini cookies and shorter, thinner legs.
When the chocolate icing is dry, prepare the spider's web by mixing the icing sugar with the egg white with a mixer.
Then, with a pastry syringe, draw the web. You can also make the spider eyes with this fondant.
When the web is dry, place the spiders on and/or around the cake.

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