carrot cake with maple syrup

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carrot cake with maple syrup

carrot cake with maple syrup

Ingredients carrot cake with maple syrup
Number of persons

4 eggs

200 g brown sugar (or brown sugar)

12 cl maple syrup

150 g semi-salted butter

300 g carrot (to be grated)

150 g flour

1 bag of yeast

1 teaspoon cinnamon

50 g of walnut pieces (but also almonds, pistachios or hazelnuts, as you like!)

2 teaspoons of fresh cream


Cream, while turning, so it doesn't boil...

Raisins (rather blond ones), which I left some time in Calva (for example).
For the maple syrup icing:

Maple Syrup

Softened butter

Icing sugar, until a good consistency is obtained.

Preparation carrot cake with maple syrup
Total Time: 55 min
Preparation time: 30 min
Cooking time: 25 min
Whisk the eggs and sugar together for about 5 minutes (the mixture should whiten and ribbon).
Add, while continuing to mix, the carrots, the butter with the cream, the flour and the yeast, the cinnamon, the nuts.
Pour the whole mixture into a buttered and floured mould, and leave to cook in a medium oven at 150°C (gas mark 5) for 25 min, then 5 min in the microwave.
For the icing :
Melt the butter in the maple syrup over a very low heat (or in a bain-marie), then add icing sugar, until you obtain a slightly consistent mixture.
You can decorate the cake with walnuts and orange segments.

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