coconut peanut

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coconut peanut

coconut peanut

Ingredients coconut peanut
Number of balls

100 g sticky rice flour

30 g wheat flour

80 g sugar

125 ml coconut milk

1 teaspoon of baking yeast

Grated coconut

Peanut Butter

Preparation coconut peanut
Total Time: 25 min
Preparation time: 15 min
Cooking time: 10 min
Heat the milk to melt the powdered sugar. When the sugar is melted, add the rice flour, wheat flour, and yeast. Mix well to obtain a homogeneous dough.
Make hazelnuts of peanut butter. Flatten the flour mixture into thick but small patties, then place the peanut butter hazelnuts and gently close the flour mixture on top to obtain a regular ball of 4 to 5 centimetres in diameter.
Arrange the balls thus made in the dish of a pressure cooker lined with baking paper without sticking them. Steam them for 10 minutes.
Then remove the balls one by one and roll them in the coconut. Serve hot.

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