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Number of persons

500 g flour (basic) type 45

3 whole eggs

1 sachet of baker's yeast (freeze-dried)

50 g melted butter

3 tablespoons powdered sugar

22.5 g vanilla sugar

1 orange

1 lemon

3 teaspoons of orange blossom

1 pinch of salt

3 tablespoons of rum

Warm water

Total Time: 25 min
Preparation time: 20 min
Cooking time: 5 min
Stir in the ingredients... Flour, eggs, zest, oil (or butter), sugars, orange blossom, yeast...and everything else!
The important thing is to have a smooth and well worked dough, supple, not too elastic.
Leave to rest in a terracotta tian, or other (plastic.(smiles)), with a damp cloth on top. Leave to rest for 2 hours.
Lower the dough on a 'marble'. To make them more or less thick, will make them more or less soft or more or less crunchy (5mm thick is a good average).
Cut according to your ideas... squares, rectangles, don't forget to cut them in the middle.
Flour from time to time to avoid them sticking to the marble.
Plunge them in hot but NOT smoking oil. Cook for a few minutes and take them out as soon as they are golden brown.
Place on a paper towel and sprinkle with icing sugar. Serve as soon as possible.

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