kig ar farz breton

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kig ar farz breton

kig ar farz breton

kig ar farz breton
kig ar farz breton
Ingredients kig ar farz breton
Number of persons at least

500 g rib dish

500 g beef shank

1 half-salted pork shank

300 g half-salted bacon

1 cabbage

5 carrots

3 turnips

3 leeks

3 onions

300 g semi-salted butter
For the white flour:

100 g caster sugar

250 g flour

2 eggs

3/4 l milk
For the black flour:

250 g buckwheat flour

1 egg

1 pinch of salt

1/2 l stock

50 g butter or lard

Preparation kig ar farz breton
Total Time: 48 min
Preparation time: 45 min
Cooking time: 3 min
Heat 5 Litre of water in a large pot. Add the meat when the water is hot.
After one hour at a low temperature, skim off the stock. Add the vegetables, keeping 2 onions.
The LIPPIK : melt the 300 gr of butter, then add the 2 sliced onions and let it cook very slowly...
You have 1 hour to make the dough.
Mix the ingredients for the white stuffing.
Pour into a bag. Be careful, the bag should only be 2/3 full. Immediately put it in the pot which is always at a small broth.
For the black stuffing, take the stock out of the pot and add the butter so that it melts. When this improved broth has cooled down (let's say lukewarm, no more), mix the ingredients for the black farz.
Put in a bag filled 2/3 full and put it in the pot.
Now you can rest, while the whole thing is cooking, for a good 2 hours.
All in all, for cooking, more than 3 hours, it is ideal for the pork shank. If the black farz is brujunned, that is to say that it crumbles, it is successful. You're entitled to the diploma.

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