milk chocolate cake

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milk chocolate cake

milk chocolate cake

Ingredients milk chocolate cake
Number of muffins

250 g milk chocolate pastry

250 g semi-salted butter

200 g sugar

4 eggs

70 g sugar

50 g of blond grapes

5 cl rum

Preparation milk chocolate cake
Total Time: 45 min
Preparation time: 15 min
Cooking time: 30 min
-soak the grapes in rum.
-Melt butter and chocolate over medium heat.
-Blanch the sugar and eggs. -Add the chocolate mixture.
-Add the flour.
-Add the drained raisins.
Pour the mixture into silicone moulds.
Put in the oven.
the cake is baked when it is crispy on top and the tip of a knife comes out still moist.

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