mug cake speculoos

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mug cake speculoos

mug cake speculoos

mug cake speculoos
mug cake speculoos
Ingredients mug cake speculoos
Number of persons

2 tablespoons of flour

4 tablespoons of speculoos

1 egg white

1 teaspoon icing sugar

1 teaspoon of baking yeast

5 tablespoons of milk

25 g semi-salted butter

Cinnamon or icing sugar

Preparation mug cake speculoos
Total Time: 12 min
Preparation time: 10 min
Cooking time: 2 min
Melt the semi-salted butter in a bowl (about 30 seconds).
Add the flour and baking powder to the butter bowl.
Mix (with a spoon, whisk or fork) well to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
In a separate bowl, grind the speculoos and add the milk to this bowl to create a kind of "cream".
Add the "cream" of speculoos/milk to the mixture of flour, baking powder and butter.
Mix so as to remove all possible lumps.
In a bowl on the side, whisk the egg whites (we are not going to use the egg yolks) + add the icing sugar.
Stir the egg white / icing sugar into the bowl.
Mix circularly (and gently for the foamy side) so as not to break the whites mounted into snow.
Add the cinnamon powder or vanilla sugar.
Mix for a homogeneous mixture.
Heat 1m30/2 minutes in the microwave.
Add broken speculoos for decoration.

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