Poultry laminate and ninette cream

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Poultry laminate and ninette cream

Poultry laminate and ninette cream

Ingredients Poultry laminate and ninette cream
Number of persons

7 chicken needles (about 300 g)

2 anchovies in salt

60 g Roquefort cheese

10 cl thick fresh cream (+ or -)

Semi-salted butter (6 hazelnuts)

Herbs of Provence



1 teaspoon old-fashioned mustard

Vinegar (1 level teaspoon)



Capers (optional, for decoration)

bunch of chives (or parsley...)

Preparation Poultry laminate and ninette cream
Total Time: 40 min
Preparation time: 30 min
Cooking time: 10 min
Cook the aiguillettes cut in half lengthwise in a frying pan by dipping them in the melted butter mixed with Provencal herbs and chopped garlic.
Cook until they are golden brown. Then drain them in absorbent paper and set aside.
Crème ninette (of my own invention):
Put the Roquefort cheese, the onion cut into small pieces and the anchovies in a blender bowl. Blend everything together. Then add the thick crème fraîche (taste it to appreciate the strength of the desired taste).
Then season this sauce at your convenience with mustard (preferably old mustard), vinegar, salt and pepper.
Now you have to dress it. Place three half needles side by side on the plate with between each one a strip of ninette cream of the same thickness.
Repeat until there are no more strips of meat (if desired, there will be 1, 2 or 3 -sometimes- small groups of strips per plate). Put the finely cut grass on the cream, and carp if you want around it on the dish, to decorate.

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