roast beef

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roast beef

roast beef

roast beef
roast beef

Number of persons

1 Roast beef of 1kg

1 clove of garlic

40 g softened butter



Total Time: 40 min
Preparation: 10 min
Cooking time: 30 min

Peel the pod and cut it into several strips.
Prick the roast and slide in the slices.
Brush roast with softened butter.
Sear the roast in a very hot oven for 7 to 8 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 220°C.
Cook for 20 to 25 min for a rare roast (+4 min for a medium roast).
Add salt and pepper at the end of cooking.
Turn off the oven and let the roast rest for 6 to 8 min, leaving the door open. Take the roast out, cut it into thin slices and place it in a hot dish.
In the baking dish, add a glass of water and scrape out the cooking juices.
Heat this sauce on a direct heat source.
More than enough to coat the slices of roast beef!
Enjoy your meal!

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