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Number of persons
For the cookie:

2 eggs

60 g caster sugar

40 g hazelnut powder (or, at the limit, almond powder)

2 level tablespoons of flour

30 g melted butter

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Total Time: 2h15
Preparation: 2 h
Cooking time: 15 min
The recipe in video
Remaining Time -3:38
You can find the course of the recipe in pictures here:
I suggest you read the recipe and the comments at the bottom of the page before you start, it will make it easier to make.
Summary of the recipe:
Step one, prepare the cookie:
Imagine it's a rolling pin. It's the same principle.
To do this, you break the eggs and beat them for a long time with the sugar, the mixture must frankly whiten. Add the flour, the baking powder, the hazelnut powder and the melted butter, and mix well.
Place the mould on a baking tray covered with greased baking paper, pour the dough into it to a thickness of no more than ½ cm and bake for 10-15 minutes at 180°C.
Once cooked (it should be barely cooked to the touch and not very colourful), place the biscuit base with the greased baking paper on a damp cloth so that the paper can peel off.
Place the circle on the presentation dish. Put the biscuit back inside (before it cools too much, it becomes brittle).
Leave to cool for 10 minutes, the time for us to prepare the next step.
Second step, the puff pastry praline:
Melt the praline in a bain-marie, leave to cool, crush the pancakes into large flakes with a rolling pin, add the praline and the gavottes to the melted praline.
Spread on the biscuit base in a thin layer, if necessary squeeze with hands wetted with cold water. Refrigerate for 30 minutes, it should harden.
Third layer: the chocolate whipped cream.
This step is started when the praline is hard.
Melt the chocolate with a little cream (up to 1/5th). Whip the remaining cream into whipped cream: the 30% fat cream, very cold, the bowl spent 30 minutes in the freezer, and off you go!
Stir a spoonful of whipped cream into the melted chocolate to relax it, add the alcohol. Mix the whipped cream and chocolate gently. Pour into the circle on top of the rest to a thickness of about 2 cm (there is often an extra bowl left).
Smooth the top of the cream with a spatula, then make ridges with a fork.
Wrap well in cling film and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
We think about doing our dishes (oh dear!!!!).
Several hours later... the cream has hardened, the cake is ready to be unmoulded.
We sprinkle cocoa with a strainer.
Finally, you can decorate with marzipan, dark and white chocolate shavings, pistachios, lace pancakes... whatever you want.

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