Shortbread Tatin Pie

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Shortbread Tatin Pie

Shortbread Tatin Pie

Shortbread Tatin Pie
Shortbread Tatin Pie

Ingredients Shortbread Tatin Pie
Number of persons
For the shortbread dough:

150 g flour

75 g semi-salted butter

100 g sugar

1 egg yolk

1 pinch of salt

2/3 sachet of baking powder

Preparation Shortbread Tatin Pie
Total Time: 50 min
Prep time: 25 min
Cooking time: 25 min
The dough: in a bowl, place the flour and butter cut into small cubes. Crumble the whole thing with your fingertips. The aim is to have a kind of semolina at the end.
Add the sugar, the pinch of salt and the baking powder (you always mix with your fingers). Finally, add the egg yolk and mix. This should form a very brittle dough.
Place the ball of dough in plastic film and leave it in the fridge for at least 1 hour.
The tart: in a springform pan, put a layer of melted butter in the bottom, then sprinkle generously with sugar.
Arrange a layer of apples (peeled and sliced). With the first layer of apples arranged, sprinkle more melted butter on top and sprinkle generously with sugar.
A second layer of apples and repeat with the melted butter and sugar.
Put the pan in the oven (thermostat 6/180°C) for 25 minutes (the tops of the apples should start to brown).
Remove the dough from the oven and roll it out on a piece of aluminium foil (very hard to roll out without breaking it!). If necessary, remix the dough with a little water on your hands).
Make a circle the size of the mould. The delicate operation happens: you have to put the dough round on the apples in the mould without breaking it.
Three things to know:
- the dough won't be visible to your guests because it'll be underneath, so it can break a little.
- I'm good at it, so why don't you!
- You will understand why you rolled the dough on a piece of tin foil...
Put in the oven for + or - 30 minutes (at 190°C).
Keep an eye on it. The baking is finished when the top takes a nice brown colour.
When you take the dough out of the oven, place a dish larger than the mould on top of it. A tea towel on each side and turn the tart over immediately... and remove the tin (in case some people forget it!).
Several ways to eat it: cold, hot, hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, cold, in front of the fridge, in the evening when your spouse is in bed, etc...

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