sole meuniere

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sole meuniere

sole meuniere

sole meuniere
sole meuniere

Number of persons

4 soles

1 lemon

50 g flour

50 g butter

2 tablespoons of oil



Total Time: 20 min
Preparation: 10 min
Cooking time: 10 min
Remove the brown skin from the soles.
In a dish, flour the sole, salted and peppered, on both sides.
In an oval pan if possible for the shape of the fish, put the oil to heat, check the heat by placing the tail of the fish only and start cooking.
When the face is golden brown, adjust the strength of the gas and turn the sole over.
Reserve the sole and degrease, put back on the gas and add the butter, add the sole and cook until the butter is hazelnut and not burnt.
Deglaze with the lemon juice, the butter will then form big bubbles, that's the good milling. Dress immediately and serve.
To accompany with tagliatelle or steamed apples.

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