bread with cocoa milk

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bread with cocoa milk

bread with cocoa milk

Ingredients bread with cocoa milk
Number of breads

60 g soft butter

60 g brown sugar

7 g salt

250 g semi-skimmed milk

110 g of cocoa

400 g bread flour

1 bag of baker's yeast

Preparation bread with cocoa milk
Total time: 3h10
Preparation time: 10 min
Cooking time: 3 hours
First of all, it is preferable that butter and milk be at room temperature.
Then, simply put the above ingredients in the Breadmaker's bowl in the order of appearance and select the "sweet" program.
For my part, I find that the taste of cocoa is more pronounced and the bread tastes better when it is baked for a shorter time. This is why I stop the program 15 minutes before the end.
With this recipe, which is that of a loaf of bread with milk and not a brioche, the crumb is not stringy, but very soft.

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